COVID-19 Virtual Health

A nurse in mask

Digital Health has proved to be a strong platform providing care for the public during the COVID-19 pandemic. Medical Professionals using Telehealth to provide care to their patients, COVID-19 patients to receive care through digital health technologies and mobile apps helping with mental health and wellness. Virtual Reality during COVID-19 presents great opportunity for health and wellness.

Aboriginal Health

Aboriginal Health covers a diverse range of topics including, but not limited to, menthal health, chronic illness, diabetes, heart failure, renal failure, epidemic of health deterrence, suicide, alcohol abuse and substance abuse. At Wise Realities, we investigate the use of immersive technologies as educational and therapeutic tools in Aboriginal Health.

Aged Care & Treatment

Aged Care and Treatment

Senior citizens are a treasured and often vulnerable part of our society. Immersive technologies can improve the quality or aged care services in different ways including; treatment applications (i.e. dementia), quality of life improvements (i.e. distraction therapy and pain management), and carers and nurses training (i.e. empathy training). At Wise Realities, we have great respect for our seniors and provide research-based advice and services to aged care facilities so that they can improve services provided to their residents.