To the Noongar Elders with respect

In October 2019, Our Founder & Executive Director Dr Ali Fardinpour, with the support of our Board of Directors, sent a letter to a number of Noongar elders to seek their permission and blessings to serve the people of Noongar Boodja. The response was overwhelming for us. The kindness, support and appreciation we have received from these elders were a force for us to push through our challenges as a young charity in its early days.
We never planned to publish this letter and we wanted this blessing to be sought in person with a proper ceremony held on the Noongar land, but unfortunately, the COVID 19 has interrupted our plans.
Consequently, we have decided to publish this letter now, during the Reconciliation Week, to the public and ask our amazing community to reshare and pass it to every elder they know on our behalf. We will keep you posted with written or recorded blessings of the elders here in this page.

You can read and download a copy of this letter HERE.