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Tax Benefits

Wise Realities is a DGR Item 1 Status. Your contributions may be eligible for the tax deduction.

Employee Benefits

Depending on your level of contribution, your employees may be entitled to discounted or free Feel Better VR mental wellness sessions.
Your employee donations also will be tax-deductible.

Ethical Marketing

No longer considered as simply a profit-seeking corporation, your investment in the community signals a commitment and concern for people in need. Charitable sponsorships are not just a marketing strategy.

Community Mental Health

Your contributions directly impact the mental health and wellness of vulnerable communities. In partnership with Wise Realities, you will take mental wellness to most remote communities.

Sponsor and Partner Types

Technology Sponsor

Different technology companies provide sponsored services to charities and not-for-profits to help them in their mission.

VR Software Sponsor

Are you a mental health and wellness VR product owner who wants to contribute to our mission? Join us as a sponsor.

Professional Services Sponsor

Firms, companies and even individuals who want to contribute to WA mental health, help us with our professional services.

Corporate Sponsor

Corporations with social impact, sponsor Feel better VR program to enable us maximise our reach across WA.

Research Partner

Feel Better VR is a research oriented program that improves and advances through research partnerships with various stakeholders.

Service Delivery Partner

Service Delivery Partners are crucial to maximising the reach of the Feel Better VR program and to cover every rural and remote community in WA.