Wise Realities focuses on utilising immersive technologies in health research and education to promote and advance health by conducting research in collaboration with industry, academia and community. Through a membership network of academic and industrial collaborators, Wise Realities aims to provide opportunities for early career researchers to continue their research in a supportive environment.

Wise Realities is a not-for-profit research organisation that seeks to fill the gap in structured support for talented early career researchers to reach their potential working alongside like-minded peers.

Wise Realities aims to fulfil its mission through:

  1. Forming the Starting Career Research Fund Scheme in collaboration with Western Australian not-for-profit foundations;
  2. Running courses and workshops on cutting-edge immersive technologies in healthcare for Western Australian health and medical professionals, educators and students;
  3. Developing a mentoring program for student developers with an interest in health immersive technologies;
  4. Providing expert guidance and advice to academics on research-led teaching utilising cutting-edge immersive technologies;
  5. Enhancing and promoting collaboration between academia, industry and community;
  6. Developing the Health Immersive Technologies Appropriateness Certification system to ensure the quality and safety of immersive products to be used in health research and education; and
  7. Forming collaborations between Western Australian researchers and international research organisations.

Wise Realities provides its associates with access to a package of services. Wise Realities keeps the right to exclude confidential information or any information that is regarded as intellectual property under the common law or statutory laws of Australia. Associates will have access to services provided by Wise Realities for periodic fees.

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