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Mood improvement Virtual Reality experiences

Aboriginal Community – Autism – Palliative Care – Kids’ Cancer – Developmental Disabilities

Children in VR

Here at Wise Realities, the future of healthcare is at the forefront of what we do. Our Feel Better VR community program uses the latest Virtual Reality technology to help the community Feel Better!
A young girl with Autism struggles to express herself and her imagination. We offered her a fun and exciting way to explore her creativity using a virtual canvas.

Dementia patients can be distracted from the uncertainty and confusion of everyday life. Virtual Reality can immerse them in a world where they feel safe and in control.

Pain distraction, mood and mental health improvement are among the many other ways our Feel Better VR can change people’s lives.

Wise Realities Feel Better VR sessions aim to improve mood and mental health of vulnerable individuals in our community. These sessions are part of our charitable community programs and free to the community.

Register your organisation or community for the FEEL BETTER VR program or contact us if you or your organisation like to donate to the Feel BETTER VR program.